Year 2134. The resources of the Earth are severely depleted, and the increased tension between the rich and the poor compels many states to resort to a totalitarian regime. The story begins in New Chicago, where a Native American named Elijah Big Bear and his grandfather Rasmus Soaring Eagle go in search of a better life. The road up ahead leads to exciting adventures, interesting people and ... the Apocalypse.


"The fact that we are all alive is a Great Miracle. Humankind has a small chance to fix everything. Mother Earth suffered for a long time."


"Morality is the pledge of any good beginning. But people often sacrifice it, as they think, for the sake of progress.
I belive that they are deceiving themselves, choosing the easy way."


"Heavy Metal should be in the blood.
You must believe in what you do."


"The whole purpose of the drums is that you beat the sh*t out of these f**king barrels!"

This is an interactive online comic-book, made in the manner of pop-up books. In addition to static frames in the comic, there are interactive elements, video and music, which make reading this comic book so much more exciting. The story, in fact, comes alive and communicates with the reader! But don't be afraid. It’s all by design.

“Hello everyone! My name is Ilia Sviatets. I'm a screenwriter and artist of the Heavy Metal Tales project. I really hope that our humble product will find a response in your soul. Well, if not, then I just wish you a good mood! :)”

“I'm Mikhail Chashnikov - the alleged composer. So far I have not managed to get involved in the project, so the beautiful words about inspiration and creative mission are postponed to a later date. But I wish you a great mood too!”